Operating for 80 years, Hilltop Companies is the top regional provider of the highest quality aggregates and Ready-Mixed concrete. Hilltop Companies is uniquely positioned to provide the highest quality products, as we mine our aggregates from our own quarries, are heavily involved during each phase of your project, conduct extensive quality control and testing, and are dedicated to finding the best solution for our clients throughout the process. We are confident that this approach provides our customers with the best quality products and experience.

Hilltop Companies has a team of highly qualified professionals with years of education and work in Ready-Mixed concrete.

The Team

Brett Deters, Technical Services Manager, leads the quality control team. He focuses quality checks on the three elements most important to quality: the monitoring process, the consistency of materials and end product, and meeting customer expectations. He leverages his degree in geology and experience in the industry to ensure that every project meets Hilltop Companies’ high standards.

Mary Michael Jett
, Technical Data Supervisor, manages the day-to-day quality operations. She is in-tuned to each project and is continually monitoring all elements of the process. Her depth of experience includes a degree in Concrete Industry Management from Middle Tennessee State, one of only three universities in the country to offer a four-year degree in the profession.

Under Brett and Mary Michael’s leadership, Hilltop employs a full staff of Quality Control Technicians at each of our plants, quarries and mines.

Our Process

We know that quality assurance drives a more efficient project, and are committed to providing this to our customers. We are passionate about staying at the forefront of technology when it comes to quality control. We continually research and add new technologies that will enhance our quality process.

In addition to controlling the quality of materials by mining from our own quarries, Hilltop Companies is rigorous about quality control and testing at each and every phase of your project.

At our plants, Hilltop batchmen and dispatchers work in partnership with quality control staff to ensure accuracy, paying specific attention to weather conditions and timing to ensure that the slump is up to specifications.

Quality control and testing is of the utmost importance to us during and after the concrete is poured. On the job site, the mix is tested approximately every fifty yards, providing the data we need to calculate the average deviation per ACI standards.

As the concrete cures, our quality team consistently visits the job site and continues to test its strength, oftentimes deploying Smart Concrete™ sensors, which are placed in the form and indicate when the concrete has reach desired strength. Smart Concrete™ sensors provide corroborating performance data, and oftentimes identifies that concrete has reached strength sooner than anticipated, saving our customers both time and money.

Through mining materials from our own quarries, vetting quality in every step of the process and investing in technology, research, and development, Hilltop Companies is proud to provide the region with the highest quality aggregates and Ready-Mixed concrete.