Hilltop is the region’s leader for Aggregates and Ready Mixed Concrete. Our Crushed Stone is available in a range of sizes and we will work with you to meet any job specification. Hilltop Ready Mixed Concrete is available in a wide array of colors, various strengths, designs and more. Our Concrete Mixes also offer a wide variety of additives such as fibers, retarders and accelerators.

Our customers are confident that they will receive the best products because they know that quality and gradations are tested regularly by quality control to meet our company standards.

Hilltop Trucks are now equipped with VERIFI® technology.

In our continued efforts to incorporate the newest technolgies into our processes, we have recently integrated a unique in-transit concrete management system, VERIFI, onto our trucks.  Hilltop Companies are the only concrete producers in the tri-state area using the VERIFI technology.

VERIFI is a device outfitted to our concrete trucks that automatically monitors, measures, and manages concrete quality to deliver consistent slump for every load. VERIFI comes with an app that shows the status of your concrete delivery in real-time.

VERIFI sensors and controls on the truck measure, manage and record:

  • Slump
  • Temperature
  • Load Size
  • Age
  • Water
  • Admixture
  • Drum speed
  • Revolutions

Benefits to having VERIFI on Hilltop trucks:

  • Concrete arrives on-site ready to unload, with no need for on-site adjustments
  • Reduced need to re-temper on-site means faster discharge
  • Fewer defects and rejected loads mean fewer delays

This new capability allows us to provide industry-leading quality and service to our valued customers allowing them to improve job site performance.

For more information on VERIFI, download the Verifi Fact Sheet.