Aggregates—commonly limestone, sand & gravel—are among the most used materials in the world. At Hilltop, we believe in supplying more than just our materials. For over 80 years, our knowledge, experience, unmatched service and product quality have made Hilltop the preferred choice for engineers, architects, contractors, and utilities building in the Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia area.

Name Description
#2 Limestone 4” max for base material, drainage, & landscaping
#4 Limestone 2” to 1½” clean angular for base & drainage
#6 Limestone 1½” to ¼” used for drainage and bedding
#8 Limestone ½” max angular “chips” for asphalt, concrete & walkway
#57 Limestone 1” to ¼” angular, used in driveways, drainage & concrete
Bedding Limestone Sand ¼” to dust used for backfill and bedding
Channel Lining 5” to 8” for erosion control, landscape & fill
Crushed Stone Base 1½” to dust, used primarily in state & airport projects
Derrick Stone 24”+, Surge, #8 & #57 Washed. Large stone with special shape or size