Ready Mix Process

At Hilltop Companies, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with value-added solutions for every project. We have an extensive database of resources to design Ready Mix to meet any requirement, and invest in research and development each year to develop new mix designs that are not only better mix finishes, but more affordable for our customers.

This research and development also includes extensive testing of all of our materials, including ASTM-C33 – two times per year, testing of our own mined aggregates and other comparable admix studies.

Hilltop has a reputation for innovation and being able to provide our customers with top quality process, materials and products in a manner that also provides our customers with the affordability they are seeking.

Step One

Hilltop is often included in the upfront planning stage to help the contractor to identify options that will best deliver the project’s requirement.

During the first phase of your project, we will review and discuss your project’s engineering and concrete requirements for specific use. This upfront planning stage allows us to review our vast databases of options to identify the best fit for your project. We conduct research on new approaches and technologies and develop tests to determine if the option is viable, including the three, seven and twenty-eight day design curves that meet ACI standards.

This rigorous research and testing often leads us to specialized options that provide our customers with the best solution and experience possible.

Step Two

Once we have aligned on your project’s requirements, our Quality team will meet with the project engineers and architects to develop the structural and mix plan for your project. As we work to develop our final recommendation for your project, we will work through propriety mix designs to ensure that your project’s needs are fulfilled. We will provide you with our recommendation and bid for the project.

Step Three

Our team then uses our extensive database of resources to design the mix to meet the requirements of strength, long-term durability, placement and finish ability. We balance this with the value requirements needed for your project.

Step Four

The team then tests and analyzes all the materials that will go into your mix design, and after review and approval by our structural engineer, changes up the mix to meet your requirements prior to the end product being delivered. We’ll set the project in motion and you can order the mixes as needed with the specialized codes we provide to you and your team.