Ready Mixed Concrete is a composite material consisting of cement, aggregate, and water.

Hilltop Ready Mixed Concrete is available in a wide array of colors, various strengths, and specialty designs. We also offer a wide variety of additives such as fibers, retarders, and accelerators. We can create a custom Ready Mixed Concrete for practically any project and application. You can review our offerings broken out into the following categories:

  • Concrete Properties & Types
  • Admixtures, Additives & Materials
  • Construction Practices

We also offer concrete blocks in various sizes, architectural blocks, and concrete washout.

Concrete Properties & Types

Type Description Uses
Normal Weight (typical concrete) 1,500-6,000 psi Footings, Walls, Slabs, Beams, Pavement
High-Strength Concrete 6,000 psi -15,000 psi Durability for Columns and Weight Bearing Structures
Lightweight Concrete 3,000 psi – 6,000 psi Weight concerns (typically slabs on metal deck; 105-120 psf)
Control Density Fill Concrete Fillcrete/HBR1, Flowable fill,Pumpfill/HBR3, Pumpfill/HBR4 Substitute for compacted Soil: Fill for underground utilities, slabs, and grade beams
Self-Consolidating Concrete 5,000 psi + SCC Highly flowable where there is a lot of congested rebar or vibration is difficult.
High Density, Silica Fume Concrete 5,000 psi +(300-1,500 coulombs) Durability. Reduces the amount of chlorides and water penetration into the concrete
Pervious Concrete 2,000 – 3,500 psi Draining. Allows the water to filter through the concrete into a drainage or water retention system
Grouts 5-18 bag mixes Fills, Leveling, Augercast foundations (Where using course aggregate is not wanted)

Admixtures, Additives & Materials

Admixture Description Uses
Air Entrainment Plant added air-entraining admixture Exterior concrete to withstand freeze and thaw
Water Reducer Plant added Type A/D water-reducing admixture To reduce the amount of water in the mix design, lower the W/C ratio and increase strength and durability
Retarder Plant added Type B set retarding admixture Slow set time of concrete
Mid-Range Water Reducer Plant added Type A/F water-reducing admixture For 5-7″ Slump requirements, better finishability
High-Range Super Plasticizer Plant/Site added Type F water reducing admixture 6-9 slump requirements for better pumpability and placement
Non-Chloride Accelerator Plant added Type C set accelerating admixture Accelerates the set time of concrete without the use of chlorides
Shrinkage-Reducing Admixture Plant added shrinkage-reducing admixture Reduces the shrinkage potential of concrete
Water Proofing Admixture Plant added crystalline water-proofing admixture Creates a crystalline matrix within the concrete that resists the transfer of water
Corrosion Protection Admixture Plant added corrosion inhibiting admixture Creates a protective layer around steel rebar in concrete and delays the onset of corrosion
Additive Description Uses
Color Plant added pigmented liquid color Creates colored concrete in a wide range of earth tones (reds, yellows, browns, oranges, & black)
Micro Fibers Micro synthetic fiber Smaller, low-dosage fiber to prevent plastic shrinkage cracking
Macro Fibers Macro synthetic fiber Longer, higher dosage fiber for welded-wire steel mesh and light rebar replacement
Steel Fibers Macro steel fiber High dosage (25+ pounds) for light rebar replacement and abrasion resistance

Construction Practices

Practice Description Uses
SmartRock Plus Bluetooth maturity sensors placed in concrete Better indication of strength than the typical, field cured cylinder specimen that is also quicker.
Large Volume Pours Pours with more than 500 cubic yards Typically used for pavement, bridge decks, and roadways. It can also be used for high-rises or podium pours.
Post Tensioning Compressing the concrete to increase its tensile strength. Garages, bridge decks, and podiums.


At Hilltop, we are always striving to help our customers build structures that will last and do it in a way that makes their jobs easier. We are often called when ‘no one else can do it’ by using our expertise and resourcefulness to solve the hardest situations. We collaborate with world-leading suppliers who are also always innovating so concrete structures are as durable, energy efficient and resource efficient. Following are some examples of our latest innovations.

Hilltop partners with suppliers like BASF on ‘high specification’ projects like I-75 Rehabilitation Project. Hilltop developed a concrete using BASF’s 4×4 Concrete technology, a unique method of achieving 400 psi (2.75 MPa) flexural strength in 4 hours or as needed. With the mixture, we achieved the required compressive strength of 3,500 psi (24 MPa) at 6, 12 or 24 hours by simply adjusting the dosages of the admixtures. The concrete met all the plastic and hardened performance criteria set by the contractor and the KY DOT, and permitted the lanes to be reopened to traffic on schedule.